Did you know that by replacing one light bulb with an LED bulb, you could save £7 a year?

Working from home, or holding meetings through Skype will save you time – and will cut the carbon emissions that come from travelling to and from meetings.



Food & Nature

Filter your own water to save plastic bottles, and create wildflower areas around your offices to make homes for bees.


Every week throughout September we've worked with the Soil Association to bring businesses our tips on how to be greener.

Our top tips have focused on four main areas: energy, transport, food and nature.

You can now download our guide which contains all these tips, as well as lots of extra ideas on how you can lower your business’ carbon footprint, fight climate change and be greener.

Just fill out the form and you’ll be able to download your free guide.


Join us. Everything changes when you do.

Green up your business with Ecotricity

There are plenty more initiatives to help you green up your business in our handy guide - you can download it above. And you can find out more about switching to us here.

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